Responsive real estate website

Drupal CMS

A responsive real-estate website pulling listings from a data feed service. Tech-savvy site owner was looking for full control over content management and customization, from the shape and color of buttons to form design, custom tabs and page layout.

A multi-site Drupal installation with over one hundred contributed modules.

  • Multisite Drupal installation. Four websites share code base.
  • Over 100 contributed modules for extra functionality.
  • 7 custom modules for user-friendly content editing and personalization.
  • Content types for tabs, galleries, sliders, pop-ups, sections and more...
  • Full panel integration for easy page layout using the in-place editor.
  • Versatile WYSIWYG tool. All sorts of content editing with the CKEditor.
  • Content embedding and insertion of preconfigured templates.
  • Links to any type of content using an auto-complete widget.
  • Quick application of preconfigured styles for headings, paragraphs, lists.
  • User-friendly media management.
  • Versatile and customizable forms using entityforms.
  • Manage layout with display suite.
  • Client side and server-side validation.
  • All forms can appear in a modal.
The talented team at SkadIT has been a tremendous asset for our business. The many custom features they have built for our website has allowed us to capture more clients than ever before.
Wes McCaig, Realtor / Broker, Owner of AZ, CA & MI offices