Cloud-based, scalable data extraction solution

Python | AWS | JSON | XML | MS SQL

Our data extraction solution leverages a complex mix of web, cloud and server technologies to devise a simple to use and brilliantly efficient framework. We have supported over 150 retailers in a single project, delivering high quality data in a number of custom formats compatible with the major Affiliate Networks. We ensure the highest quality with an elaborate set-up combining automated keyword-driven and human data mapping to client taxonomy.



Competitive price per SKU and flexible, ongoing support.


Quick retailer set-up

We can can quickly deliver a fully optimized data feed in any format.


Cloud-based and scalable

Over 600K SKUs delivered daily, with all the data mapped to client taxonomy and ready for import.


Data Mapping

Elaborate set-up combining automated keyword-driven and human mapping of categories, size, colour, brand to client taxonomy.


Multi-language Support

Other than English, we support ES, DE, FR, IT and RU and that extends to data mapping too with keywords in all supported languages.


High Quality data

Random selection of products from every feed pulled in a dedicated UI for human QA. We monitor SKUs, colour, size, price.

All major Affiliate Networks supported

SkadIT have provided an exemplary service and tool kit for our complex and evolving project. From the start they understood our requirements and have over-delivered on each of them. The quality of data they provide has significantly improved our User Experience and is driving business performance through continued work with the SkadIT team.
Operations Manager, Online Retail Publisher