Responsive marketing agency website

Drupal CMS

A market research agency, the local leader in mystery shopping, requested a complete overhaul of its website targeting corporate clients and prospects, as well as the network of mystery shoppers in the field. The new site had to be bilingual, fully responsive, visually appealing and user-friendly, to both visitors and content managers. SkadIT worked on the content, copywriting and SEO, and continues to provide ongoing support and feature upgrades.

  • Writing for the people and the web.
  • Content architecture and copywriting.
  • Drupal SEO module. Engaging content and search engine visibility.
  • Multilingual & location aware. Localization via the i18n Drupal module.
  • IP geolocation determines language on site load.
  • All content and features available in both English and Bulgarian.
  • Fully responsive and platform aware. Handheld to desktop.
  • User-friendly content updates and management. Jobs and news section.
  • Main point of entry to the client's web platform for mystery shopping research.
  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for regular content updates.
  • CKEditor module plug-in. Formatting, inserting links, quick application of preconfigured styles, media management.
  • Full panel integration for easy page layout using the in-place editor.
  • Engaging look & feel. Responsive, interactive and informative.
  • Custom plug-in API pulling live data from client’s Mystery Shopping platform.
  • Ongoing support: core and feature upgrades.
Not only did SkadIT respond promptly to our request for a design overhaul, but listened closely to our needs and contributed good ideas to eventually build a visual and responsive website that everybody loves.
Our web page now tops the local search results for mystery shopping and provides our clients and field stuff with always-on mobile access to our platform, services and news.

Zlatizar Zlatev, Managing Director, Client X